Community Fund

Yealm Community Energy Ltd (YCE) will invest in renewable energy and other projects,  which will be designed to generate an income surplus each year to feed into the community energy fund.

The community energy fund will be set up to identify suitable projects to fund (see below) and to ensure that the money is fairly distributed to deserving projects.  It will be separate from YCE Ltd and will have trustees from the local communities, who will be responsible for a fair allocation to local organisations and projects for the purposes of relieving energy poverty and reducing energy costs.


  • Help those at risk of fuel poverty to reduce their energy costs 9e.g. replace old boilers with more efficient ones, draught exclusion, insulation, damp-proofing),
  • Provide solar power to local schools to reduce their energy costs,
  • Improve energy efficiency of public buildings and provide solar generation to reduce their overheads,
  • Provide electric car charging points,
  • Provide safe footpaths off-road, for improved access,
  • Contribute towards an electric community bus,

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